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  • Why you chose NL travel services?


    1.   We are proud that we served more than 10,000 tourists all over the world every year only by email order services and telephone through the introduction of customer service experience was our. We open  saparailway.com for greater convenience for customers  NL travel services is a free information service and you don't need to register to use it,Whether you access from your computer or your mobile phone you can search transport information and book your tickets on online in our contact us  form or call us + 084.912961056 anytime, anywhere. You can also book directly at our office at Nhat Linh restaurant at 331 square of Lao Cai train station , Lao Cai watd, Lao Cai City, Viet Nam. If you decide to make a booking with us, we simply collect your personal details so the Transport Provider can issue the ticket.

    2.   We assure that booking train ticket on saparailway.com will save time, money and other problems for you. Moreover The payment method of saparailway.com is not only convenient but also high-secure

  • How do I book my ticket?

    We assist & integrate ticket booking for trains integrate ticket booking for trains operated by Vietnam Railways and private railway companies Fanxipan Express, Orient Express, Sapaly Express, Chapa Express, Livitrans Express, Violette Train... After searching your itinerary and selecting the most suitable transport option you can book your tickets on online in our form or by filling in our contact form  anytime, anywhere.

    Check again all details for your train and you fill your information as Name , email, phone number.

    The important is Name and your email then you pay your train tickets via credit card, MasterCard, American express, JCB, or pay with Paypal.

    Finally: After you book tickets successfully, Please check your email about few minute to 6 hours later to get your confirmation email from us.

    You can also book directly at our office at Nhat Linh restaurant at 331 square of Lao Cai train station , Lao Cai watd, Lao Cai City, Viet Nam.

    If you have problems with our online booking system, please  contact us  &  hotline  +84. 912.961.056 / +84 02143.835.346

  • How do I pay for my ticket?

    You can either book and pay for your ticket through our online booking page and you can process your payment with major credit cards such as Visa Card, MasterCard, American express, JCB, or pay with Paypal. Transfer by Western Union is available too or if you have booked your ticket by email you will have to pay your tickets in advance by credit card online

    All prices are quoted in USD (United States Dollars) and will be paid in VND (Vietnam Dong) according to the exchange rate (USD1.00  ~  VND21,800).

    For more support, please contact us  & Hotline 84 912961056 

  • How do I get my train tickets when I completed payment for my ticket?

    1. After you pay for your tickets, you will receive your order via your emai. we’ll issue a booking confirmation or ticket voucher then send to your registered email. Double check the travel details to insure the information is correct. You can print this voucher or save in on your smartphone and be sure to arrive at the train station 1 hour before departure to show it at ticket counter to receive your train tickets  then the train staff ( that kind of tourist train )will guide you to get on train. that's policy of all tourist train company. After printing voucher, if you lose it to other people, then you can't get on train, and we can't do anything for you. 
      *Note : the address to reconfirm your voucher will show in sending voucher.Kindly *contact us at +84 912961056 or +84.0203.835346 if you have any inquiry

  • Can I collect my ticket at the train stations or any other collection points?

    Yes you can if you’re going to collect your ticket at Tran Quy Cap train station - Hanoi Station B for traveling from Hanoi to Lao Cai and return. 

    For other trips from North to South of Vietnam (Reunification Trains), we will be sent to you via email upon your payment or schedule is fixed of tickets voucher  details (Train and departure time & Number of the coach, berth) then you  accordance with number train(coach) on boarding pass.

    Kindly contact us at +84 912961056 if you have any inquiry.